Oct. 10th, 2011

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Associate Scientist Position: in-life support of pharmacokinetic studies in support of small molecule and biologics drug discovery

Job description

- perform in-life pharmacokinetic studies on novel drug candidates in rodents
- schedules and plans PK studies in collaboration with scientists from project teams
- procures study subjects for the requested studies
- doses rodents via various routes
- take blood samples manually from animals using serial or terminal bleeding techniques
- harvests a variety of specimen (CSF, tissues such as lymph nodes, spleen, brain) from study subjects
- uses automatic sampling equipment (Culex, DiLab) for rodent PK studies
- records and documents study details and animal observation for each study
- prepares and transfers samples for analysis by bioanalytical scientists
- is familiar and complies with all IACUC protocols
- writes amendment to IACUC protocols and prepares reports to the committee
- works closely with the veterinarian and staff in the vivarium to assure health and humane husbandry of all study subjects
- maintains records of performed studies and delivered samples
- assist in implementation of LIMS for PK studies with emphasis on sample identification during origination (barcoding)

Required skills

- familiarity with rodent anatomy and physiology
- experience in executing pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic or efficacy studies in mice and rats
- proficiency in accurate dosing of rodents via various routes of administration (IV, PO, SC, IP)
- proven record of serial blood sampling techniques in rats and terminal techniques in rodents
- familiarity with the use of surgically prepared animal models
- surgical skills in rodents a plus
- general understanding of the drug discovery process and the role of animal studies therein
- outstanding organizational skills
- very good verbal and written communication skills across multiple disciplines


- position requires a degree in biology, pharmacy, biochemistry or related with at least 4 years of experience running in-life studies

This is a temporary position which may be converted into a permanent position in the future. If interested, please forward your resume along with a cover letter tocontact info )


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