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Jun. 1st, 2009 09:53 pm
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"Thank You... Mike and I were very touched by your gift... [the lj post and supportive comments from so many people]

"I will call and give everyone the all clear when Mike is out of surgery.

"P.S. I am not into the praying thing, but send one our way. Mike needs it."

Please continue to keep Mike in your thoughts and prayers. Surgery begins first thing in the morning, it is likely to take many hours to complete and many days to recover before he can start the next round of chemo.

I pray that he may dig deep down and find the spoons to flood himself with enough healing energy to win this fight - spoons lent from family and friends, more than he ever knew he had, more than he ever imagined possible.

My mom and I are taking Derek out for ice cream tomorrow just before lunchtime (since I am his godmother and auntie all rolled into one) at Kimball's Farm. She is keeping him for the week while his mom and dad focus on the business at hand. Honestly I think the trip is more for mine and my mom's sake than Derek's, we both want to see him all smiles and squeals of delight tomorrow.


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